First contact client, project visit

In our offices located on Sunset in Seminyak or directly on the web site “” we send a person qualified to be aware of the project.

Understanding the customer’s request

Nautylus takes the time to understand the desires and expectations of its clients, to bring you, the most appropriate answers. Identification of potential problems in a building to be renovated (electricity, plumbing, drainage system clean water and sewage, infiltration of walls by capillary rise, paint recovery) Identification of potential problems of the land (clayey soil non-existent drainage, rainwater recovery, sinking foundations)

Nautylus offer you different solutions in response to problems identified on the project better suited to your budget. For the choice of materials, is Nautylus proposals. M├ętrisant the range of existing products on the market and a pronounced taste for interior design, our teams accompany you in your choices. We will put you in touch with our different partners.